// NHS Campaign
A '6 sheet' shelter advert that was cropped from the large group photograph
Rachel at Witton Park
One of the bus shelters in situ
I was commissioned earlier this year by WARL Advertising to photograph as series of portraits for an NHS campaign that has now started to go live.

We produced a range of photographs on location with local health care providers. The portraits are  planned to be used over three phases of the campaign, running up to December 2016 including a group shot of 50 local professional employees in the Blackburn area.

My brief was in-depth with several conference calls with the marketing team and the client to produce work that complimented the whole campaign. I received a great compliment when I was advised that an early inspiration for the project was my lifeblood project which can be seen here: Lifeblood

See the first stage of the campaign here: Together a Healthier Future
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