we used google translate to do a 'big shop' on our first night and added some Christmas decorations in for the room

Claire worked everyday, bid writing, project managing and strategic planning every day.

washing our clothes in the bath became the norm

the kids left a thank you note for the stunning breakfasts

Mabel running out of things to draw on and Riley about to 'finish netflix'

the annual festive Saab fly by from the Swedish airforce. 

Mabel testing out the beds while Claires working

Riley testing out the beds while I definitely wasn't working

a Christmas jumper family portrait

the 'dodgy' hairdryer  

this was just for Riley - amazons packaging has nothin on uber eats

Mabel enjoying a Wagamamas (food became our highlight of the day)|

they actually found a way of drawing a game of chess online 

Claire still working...

another daily visit from the uberdude

the poinsettia looked a lot bigger online...

we ran out of places top dry our clothes

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