Interior Photography
I love capturing every moment, detail and emotion in a subtle way
Ginetta Cars
An Editorial shoot at Ginetta Cars in Leeds for a Themis publication
Manchester International Festival
Photographic case study of my time at the Manchester International Festival 2017.
Lanx Footwear
Photographic case study of a long term product photography client
Vintage Portraits
I have photographed a series of Vintage Events curated by Hemingway Design since 2013 including London's Southbank, Liverpool, Morecambe and Glasgow.
Northern Soul
Manchester International Festival
I have been commissioned to photograph a range of events throughout Manchester International Festival over the last three biannual festivals
Blackburn has a large diverse population with 31% of the 150,000 residents with a BAME (Black, Asian and Ethnic minority) heritage. Lifeblood is a collection of portraits celebrating the individuals who are integral to the local community. To view the website go to:
Places at Rest
A photographic collection of urban landscapes built for the masses, captured at night in a state of rest, devoid of life and separated from their intended function. At the point of capture, the diverse light sources, muted sounds and vulnerability all contribute to the photographs aesthetic values. The result enhances a sense of unease that the viewer may experience when in these spaces.
NHS Campaign
I was commissioned by WARL Advertising to photograph as series of portraits for an NHS campaign. We produced a range of location photography with local health care providers. 
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